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Real Name: ???
Nationality: American
Likes: Turtles, warm weather, giving people stupid nicknames.
Dislikes: Rabbits, cold weather, people who don't like their nicknames.

Info: A young wapanese boy who dedicated his life to helping turtles. He's an annoying brat.


Nicknames: "That one girl"
Nationality: American
Likes: Peace and quiet
Dislikes: Children, unexpected things, reptiles

Info: Dragged into this adventure completely by chance, she's would've rather not been included.

The Usagi Twins: Amami and Ryukyu

Nicknames: Ami and Ryu A.K.A. "those stupid weeaboos"
Ages: 13 & 14
Nationality: Canadian
HATE: Kamenosuke, turtles, when their monologues get ruined.

Info: Not actually twins, they just thought it sounded cooler. They consider themselves Kamenosuke's arch-nemesis' but they're actually more like lame Team Rocket characters.

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